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The Efficient Hustle - A signed book by Lucas Meek

The Efficient Hustle - A signed book by Lucas Meek

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The Efficient Hustle - A book by Lucas Meek

Lessons on being a professional production manager I learned while touring the world with a pop star.

* from Jason Walsmith of Guitar Satchel and The Nadas.

* This is a book by a good friend of mine and supporter of the Guitar Satchel. 

* Lucas was one of my band The Nadas first touring sound engineers. In many ways we were learning to be a professional touring band at the same time as he was learning to be a travel with artists. He was already a pro and had gone to school for it and everything but it is a whole other thing to apply those lessons in the real world with artists who are demanding and emotional. We learned a lot during our years with Luke and I image he learned as well. He is a great friend and a real pro. This book is entertaining, inspiring and educational. 

From the Efficient Hustle website... 

In many ways, managing a tour is similar to running a business. There are employees and budgets to look after. The workload and responsibilities are extraordinary. And the demands on our time can be overwhelming. Without efficient work practices in place, the stress and lack of sleep make it impossible to thrive in the world of tour and production management.

In The Efficient Hustle, Lucas recollects stories from his first international tour when burnout nearly destroyed him. Revealing mistakes he made along the way and the subsequent lessons learned because of them, he delivers proven methods anyone can immediately implement that will enable them to:

·      Communicate efficiently

·      Streamline workflow

·      Organize the endless stream of incoming data

·      Complete tasks using less time and energy

·      Develop a professional demeanor

·      Instill trust in colleagues

·      Reduce Stress

·      Enjoy the tour experience

A fascinating look at the nuances of production management. Efficiency is a true craft and Luke Meek has it dialed.”
— Adam Young: Owl City
This book will be very helpful to anyone thinking about or wanting to learn more about going on the road, or move up in their touring career.”
— Kevin Lyman: Warped Tour Founder
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