Featured Artists

From Grammy winning songwriters to journeyman troubadours to campfire pros a Guitar Satchel carries the load for many musicians and their beloved instruments. This is a sampling of our featured artists who have chosen the Guitar Satchel as one of the ways they transport their guitars to or from the gig or as their daily carry. On tour or on vacation. To the studio or to the campfire. Click on their profiles to learn more about them as people.


Bob Minner  - https://minnerguitar.com/

Bob grew up in old-time string band music as well as bluegrass in Missouri, near St. Louis. Bob is the acoustic guitarist for country icon Tim McGraw and has held that position for the past 30 years. Bob also a songwriter with credits and cuts with many bluegrass bands such as Blue Highway, Volume Five, Dailey & Vincent, Special Consensus, Chosen Road and others. Bob also releases music as a solo artist and is currently in the studio working on his next album which will be released by Billy Blue Records.


Nick Nystrom - https://www.nicksmusicpicks.com/

Nick is a musician and a music fan. Nick plays out in Iowa and is the go to DJ for private and corporate events in the Des Moines area. On any given night Nick can be seen on the stage or in the crowd. As a fan of music Nick has started to curate playlists, podcasts, reviews and interviews. His most recent endeavor is to catalog and review his father's vinyl collection which he shares on his Nick's Music Picks website. 


Gordon Kennedy - https://www.gordonkennedymusic.com/

Gordon Kennedy is a multi-Grammy Award winning songwriter and record producer, a virtuoso guitarist, and a music industry visionary in Nashville. With his love for storytelling, vintage guitars and his deep knowledge of music history, he has emerged as one of Music City’s most beloved Ambassadors. Kennedy’s live shows are a treasure trove of colorful backstories and outstanding performances that one only as talented and immersed in rich experiences can truly deliver.

Emma Butterworth - https://emmabutterworth.com/

Chicago songwriter Emma Butterworth is carving a niche for herself in the American indie scene with her uniquely soulful brand of indie-leaning folk rock. A keen storyteller and careful lyricist, she cuts straight to the heart of life’s big questions, examining moments of love, loss, growth, and self-acceptance with characteristic wit and wisdom. Her cheeky stage presence reveals a curious mind and a penchant for deeply melancholic songs, while her lush vocals have been compared to iconic acts like Brandi Carlile and The Head and the Heart. There’s a casual power when Butterworth sings that feels both practiced and raw: agile, occasionally vulnerable, but always sure—hers is a voice you’d follow in an emergency. The root of that strength lies in her own, joyful sense of self, which infuses even her most somber ballads with a buoyant, silver-lined charm. 


Eric Watters - https://www.ericwatters.com/ 

Eric is a Birmingham, AL based musician skilled in guitar, vocals and bass with extensive songwriting, performance and production experience. 
Original and cover groups include Suburban Love Junkies, Caddle, Leaderdog, Greenleaf Hustle, Thrine, and Eric Watters Acoustic. On any given evening you can find Eric performing in and around Birmingham with one of these acts. Eric has shared the stage with Sting, Kid Rock, Lynard Skynard, Confederate Railroad, Doobie Brothers, Blues Traveler, Train, Matchbox 20, Third Eye Blind and Travis Tritt. Eric is also the owner of Dreamcatcher Recording Studio where he helps write, track, mix, produce and master music for local and regional artists of all genres.

Chip Albright - www.chipalbrightmusic.com

A true Midwesterner with rural Kansas roots and Des Moines branches, Chip Albright is an Americana-influenced singer-songwriter that still believes in good over evil. Chip's songs are empathetic vignettes and reflective narratives weaving personal perspective and social commentary. Drawing inspiration from the stylings of music legends like John Prine, Chip has a penchant for storytelling, humor and insight.

Duke Oursler - https://dukeoursler.com/

Duke Oursler is a country musician singer/songwriter from Macomb, Illinois. He was born the son of an oil pumper on the Great Plains of Southwest, Kansas. Duke grew up in the windswept prairies of Finney County hunting pheasants, prairie chickens, rattlesnakes, and jackrabbits along the dry bottom of the Arkansas river. 

His thoughtful, honest and direct lyrics speak to the experiences, virtue and aspirations of a midwestern life. His unique brand of American country music speaks to the hard working blue-collar life and often a critiques the notion of the “American Dream” by contrasting the economic and cultural tropes against unifying and spiritual stories of love, loss and family found on in rural America.


Kort McCumber - https://moorsandmccumber.com/

Kort McCumber is a talented multi-instrumentalist, dedicated performer, prolific songwriter and vocalist. More than a decade into his musical pilgrimage, he continues to define, and redefine, his sound, his persona, his love for music and his unwavering commitment to bringing good music to listeners throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. These days Kort spends most of his time playing with his duo partner James Moors.  A duo fifteen years in the making, Moors & McCumber have done more than just endear themselves to fans - they’ve built a genuine community. Bridging the gap between classic folk rock and present day Americana, they write heartfelt songs directly inspired by life’s experiences. With their latest record, released in 2023, 'Wired to the Moon,' they have created some of their most compelling work to date.



Brian Schwager - http://www.brianschwager.com

Guitar enthusiast. Pedal junkie. Brian Schwager not only knows his gear but can melt your ears with his unique playing style. 

He thanks his dad for putting a trumpet in his hands at the age of four, and his first guitar at 14. Followed by countless hours of diligent practice, Brian has grown into the musician he is today. 

Early in his career Brian performed in Ska, Rock, and Country bands. He’s shared the stage with many renowned acts. 

In 2019 Brian teamed up with Tom Buckmiller to create The Buckmiller | Schwager Band. In late 2021 they took first place in the Iowa Blues Challenge. This allowed them the opportunity to compete in the 2022 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN where they advanced to the Semi Finals.

Brian has performed in a wide variety of groups with many of Central Iowa’s top musicians and he’s recorded with his own band and numerous others.