I am Jason Walsmith and I am the founder of The Guitar Satchel. I have spent my adult lifetime as a career musician, photographer, storyteller, traveler and adventurer. I have travelled with my band The Nadas and more recently, solo (with my wife Emma) as Jason Walsmith Storyteller in our Storyteller Overland #campervan with our 3 dogs. (You can see some of that adventure on our instagram or youtube channels)

I have spent that 30 year career wishing and looking for a case like the Guitar Satchel. Most soft cases or gig bags are thought of as an afterthought. Made with cheap materials like black nylon and plastic zippers with thin, uncomfortable straps and handles. I wanted something different, so I designed it. 

The idea came to me when my dad made me the steward of a family shotgun acquired by him from the proprietor local sporting goods store somewhere around 1968-69. My dad traded a horse for what we have always called a Charles Daley over and under double barrel 12 gauge shotgun. (We now know it is an early prototype sample made by Miroku of Japan) The gun was protected by a tan, quilted canvas case with leather trim, brass zippers and quilted pool table felt on the inside. I have always thought of the case as a family heirloom.

A heritage designed, soft sided guitar case created to carry your favorite guitars on your favorite adventures and to meet the level of craftsmanship of your instruments. The Guitar Satchel is built to last a lifetime and is the case you will want to pass your beloved guitars down to future generations. Each case comes with an unconditional repair or replace guarantee.

The Guitar Satchel is made using the best materials and quality craftsmanship of a 120 year old manufacturer based in Iowa. It is made with a heavy dry waxed cotton duck material that is naturally water repellent and durable. It has a quilted cotton felt interior and feature high quality leather and brass zippers. (This manufacturer originally supplied the zippers to the US Army during World War I)  

This backpack style soft case is designed to be carried in the backseat of your FJ40 to the lake for the weekend, or down the aisle (with carefully placed grab handles) of your Pilatus as you head to your cross-country board meeting. It is at home riding shotgun in your adventure van as you boondock in the San Rafael Swell, or stowed in the forward cabin as you sail around the tip of Baja as you make your way around Cabo San Lucas and up the Sea of Cortez towards San Felipe. It is also well suited to carry your personal favorite guitar that gets to ride safely in the 12th bunk of your Prevost unlike the rest of your work tools that have to take their chances in the trailer. 


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